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Eco Cafe - Perfecting the art of Specialty Coffee

ECO CAFE     submitted by Edward Denyer


Down in the heart of St Jacobs, EcoCafe Village Roasters is providing visitors with a unique coffee experience. We source a wide variety of coffee origins and custom roast them to coax out the very best they have to offer. Whether you like subtle and fruity, deep and chocolate or dark and bold flavours, we have the ability to create that perfect mix to suit your palate.


Our coffee offering is ample and covers many if not most of the coffee producing countries. We specialize in certified coffees, whether Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, as well as a variety of Direct Trade options. Each one of these options provides choices to our consumer which satisfy their social and ethical beliefs.


Every coffee we purchase is sample roasted in multiple roast profiles and then cupped in order to determine which of these profiles brings out the most taste and enhances ‎it's natural characteristics. For each profile we use computer automation in order to have a catalog of how the roast was created, as well as to be able to replicate the result using any of our current roasters, thus recreating that perfect result on any given day  and for any volume requested. We then take these samples and run them through their paces using a standard scoring methodology, we grade them on their chatacteristics and contents, such as aroma, fragrance, acidity, body, balance and cup quality. The resulting score then is catalogued and stored so we can use the information to compare to others, to create our cupping notes and to determine which coffee we can use to complement one another in our blends.


‎We have many varieties of coffee, from standard conventional types which provide a backbone for our unique blends, to unique specialty grade cultivars which are limited in quantity and difficult to procure due to the small quantities produced. One such cultivar we recently sourced is from a small estate in Costa Rica by the ‎name of La Candelilla. They are what is considered a micromill and they cultivate and mill all of their coffee on the estate, thus guaranteeing the excellence of their product. This variety is called SL28, and although it's not the sexiest of names, the coffee is in an atmosphere of its own. It acquired it's name from the entity which created it, Scott Labs in Kenya. In the 1930s they crossbred the traditional Bourbon coffee with a Tanganyika strain from Ethiopia, looking to produce a more resistance plant which would give higher yields, and although neither of those goals were achieved, they did unexpectedly create a plant with the highest of quality instead.


In the early 2000, looking for ways to differentiate themselves, La Candelilla procured some seeds and started growing the SL28 ‎cultivar in Central America. And although they have small holdings and their yields are limited, they have achieved a unique and exquisite bean which is only available through auctions and in small quantity. It is due to these circumstances that this coffee is priced considerably higher that others we carry. Having said that, if you are a true connoisseur of fine items, this is a unique opportunity to try something most will rarely  encounter.


Come see us and have a look into our window and experience the world of specialty coffee

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