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Q: Can I bring my dog(s) to St. Jacobs and the Market District? Are dogs allowed inside businesses and buildings?

A: Due to food handling and food safety regulations, dogs or pets of any kind are not allowed inside the 3 main buildings at St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market, and as of November 2018, nor are they allowed in the outdoor market area.  


Animals which act as working assistive aids for visitors with unique personal needs or disabilities are welcome inside and outside buildings at all times. The only exception to this rule is any area in which food is served or sold, such as a cafe or restaurant, in which case the only permissible assistive animal would be a guide dog. Business owners in St. Jacobs reserve the right to request a letter from a physician or nurse confirming that the visitor or customer requires the animal for reasons relating to the disability, if it is not readily apparent that the animal is used for such a purpose.


A few businesses in the village of St. Jacobs permit dogs inside their premises -  such as a dog bakery and the craft brewery.  A business owner also reserves the right to request that a dog(s) be removed from the premises at their discretion.  



Q: Is there a way to rent a wheelchair during my visit?

A: There is no assistive device rental facility or charity in St. Jacobs. Visitors will be required to bring along their own assistive device for use during their visit, but may choose to contact the Canadian Red Cross and inquire about wheelchair rentals.



Q: Will I have to pay for parking? Do I need a parking pass?

A: Parking is free for all visitors and tour buses at all times, in St. Jacobs. This includes both parking lots and clearly marked street-side parking spaces. There are no paid meters, and a pass is not required. A few businesses have reserved a small number of parking spaces for their employees or tenants, which are clearly marked with upright signage. These spaces are not available for visitor use.



Q: Why isn't the  St. Jacobs Farmers' Market open every day/some holidays?

A: The  St. Jacobs Market, located 3 km south of the village of St. Jacobs,  is only open a few days a week to allow producers, farmers and butchers time to prepare for each market day. Our local and Ontario farmers', producers, and crafters work hard every day in order to bring fresh and local food and product to the market!



Q: Where can I buy gift certificates?

A: Stone Crock gift vouchers are available for purchase at the Stone Crock Restaurant. These are valid at the Stone Crock Restaurant, Stone Crock Meats & Cheese, Stone Crock Bakery, and Jacob's Grill.


Other retailer establishments in St. Jacobs and the Market District may offer their own gift certificates or vouchers independently. Please contact them directly for more information.  Some St. Jacobs retailers' contact information can be found in our directory.



Q: Can I walk from the Market District to the Village, or vice versa?

A: The distance between St. Jacobs (the town) and the  St. Jacobs Farmers' Market and market district is approximately 3 km. To walk between the two locations would take about 40-minutes on gravel shoulders of King Street (a busy main highway), which would not be recommended for most people.  Grand River Transit offers bus service between these two locations Monday through Saturday (GRT - Route 21) for your convenience. Additionally, Waterloo Central Railway offers rail trips on Market days that stop at these locations - more information here


Q: I have heard of the Mennonite population in the area, where can I learn more about these people and their culture?

A: The Mennonite Church is a broadly diverse and respected group of people living in a large number of countries across the globe. Their congregations and affiliations vary from conservative to modern. In the St. Jacobs area, many "Old Order" Mennonites still travel by horse and buggy and are primarily farm families.


Visitors are encouraged to learn about Mennonite culture and heritage at The Mennonite Story Interpretive Centre which showcases their history, lifestyle and beliefs. Visitors can watch a current video about the "Old Order" and take a self-guided walk through the a variety of multi-media displays. Narration is available in 8 languages.  Self-guided driving maps with accompanying written narration are provided at this museum for those visitors who would like to view local Mennonite farms from the road.


St. Jacobs Horse Drawn Tours is a local operator, giving visitors a chance to visit an Old Order Mennonite farm and homestead, and to ask a trained guide about their questions and thoughts.



Q: My question isn't answered here, who can I speak with?

A: This website provides general information about St. Jacobs.  Please contact individual businesses or operators directly, many of which you can find here . For information about the nearby St. Jacobs Farmers' Market and market district,  kindly call 519-747-1830.


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