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Our Stories



West Montrose Covered Bridge - The "Kissing Bridge"


The West Montrose Covered Bridge, spanning the Grand River, was built in 1881 and is Ontario's last remaining covered bridge.  It's roof protects the large timbers and trusses from the elements, a reason the bridge is still standing after more than 130 years.


Light traffic crosses the bridge daily, including horses and buggies. Horses typically fear rushing water but as they approach this bridge they clip-clop through, reassured by its side walls and light at the end of the tunnel. The bridge was often referred to as "The Kissing Bridge", due to its soft light and enclosed walls providing a feeling of intimacy for the romantically inclined. This picturesque spot is only a short distance from St. Jacobs. 


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 Alex Mustakas  

Alex Mustakas


Alex Mustakas is the founder and current Artistic Director of award-winning Drayton Entertainment. He emigrated from Cyprus at the age of six and, as a natural performer, was drawn to the stage. He started his first entrepreneurial theatre in 1991, an economically challenging time. Under Alex’s inventive approach, Drayton Entertainment grew by leaps and bounds and is now one of Canada's largest and most respected charitable arts organizations, creating 30 productions annually to an audience of 250,000 across 7 venues in Ontario - two of which are right here in St. Jacobs Country. 


Alex personifies the ability of the arts, commerce, and communities to thrive in innovative new ways.


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Walter Hachborn  

Walter Hachborn


In early 1963, 122 Ontario hardware store owners met in Kitchener to begin forming a dealer–owned organization. In 1967 the resulting company was named Home Hardware Limited, initiating a Canada-wide network. Walter Hachborn, a founding member and driving force behind the Home Hardware success, lived his entire life in St Jacobs until his death in December 2016 at age 95.  The site of the original store, once a tinsmith shop, is located on King Street St. Jacobs and today houses Home Furniture.


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Historic Mennonite Photo  

Neutral Indians and Early Pioneering Settlement


Originally, the Neutral Indians of Southwestern Ontario migrated from the south to the area of the Conestoga River. They primarily grew crops and supplemented their farming with fishing, hunting and gathering in the manner of their ancient traditions. During the early 1800s Mennonites from Pennsylvania began settling the area. A wave of new German immigrants soon followed. The village as we know it today began to take shape in the mid-1800s with the formation of a dam to power the Snider Flour Mill, a tannery, sawmill and other industries.

Step Inside the Mill's Basement and See Historic Exhibits 





The Darryl Sittler Story


Darryl Sittler was born in 1950 and grew up in St Jacobs. His skates hit the ice on outdoor rinks and ponds in the area wherever there were kids to skirmish with.  Darryl’s dream of playing in the NHL was realized when he was selected for the Toronto Maple Leafs. For eleven seasons he played with that team and was their captain for the 1974-75 season. He scored 1000 goals in the NHL before retiring in 1985. UPDATE! We thrilled that St. Jacobs Farmers' Market was chosen by Darryl as the location in which to permanently display the Toronto Maple Leafs banner honouring him.  It was unveiled in a ceremony with Darryl and Dave "Tiger" Williams on October 14, 2017. 


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